Lesbo babes finish workout with orgasms


It is not a surprise when two close friends spend time together. Friends tend to share things, impressions, go in for sport together and try new things together. That’s so good to have a close person with whom you can share your feelings and doubts and hear words of appreciation.

So two close girlfriends help each other to get in good physical shape with yoga exercises and help each other to cope with everyday problems with breathing exercises. One day their breathing exercises get a little bit more intimate than any of them expected. After all they both are in steady relations and they do not wish to cross the line. Well, they still try to continue the exercises but nothing works out of that idea because they get excited and finally surrender to their passion for physical pleasures. Very soon they kiss and tease each other with their talented tongues. Sure, their games get hotter and hotter when they undress each other and dive deep into their sweet, juicy, pulsating pussies. Naughty babes keep playing sex games till they both get fantastic orgasms.