Curious lesbian lovers test their licking skills


It is always pleasant to master your skills no matter what we are talking about. Either it is fixing a broken car or cooking a tasty food or even satisfying your own sex desires it is always pleasant to become a real master. Sometimes it takes a couple of attempts to reach to the new level of mastery and it is always so good to share your success with another person, especially a dear person.

These two lesbian cuties are in long-term relations and they already found games that satisfy them to the full but they still search for new sensations, for new games, for new ways of satisfying their always sex-hungry pussies. Naughty hotties come up to an idea of teasing their clits, pussies and assholes at the same time because as they claim that gives them a new spectrum of sensations. So they pinch, tease, bite even, lick and such their pussies lips while pinching clits and thrusting tongues into their asses. Sure those kinds of sex games require skills and this is why the cuties spend so much time with each other in bed. After all everybody wants to get a perfect orgasm and they achieve the goal!