Three lesbo hotties line up to lick pussies

Many people believe that three is always a crowd and that it is better to fool around in a duet instead of a trio. Well, of course there are situations when really three is a crowd and it is better to stay together instead of inviting something to share the pleasure and of course there are situations when three is much better than two.

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Naughty hotties make lesbo sex till orgasm

While other best girlfriends spend time watching movies or discussing books or dancing in clubs or doing other things like that, there are chicks who prefer doing something spicier and more intimate than that. Some can say that decent girls should not behave that way but they are not decent at all and think only about satisfying their sexual desires.

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Lesbian babes orgasm in a doggy position

Though society is evolving it still is full of different stereotypes and sex is full of them as well. Those stereotypes tell us what to wear, how to date, what to say and even how to make sex. Majority of people think that men adore rough sex and that girls prefer gentler sex games. Even though there are tons of examples that show a totally different point of view, they still keep to their point.

Anyway, two gentle lesbian babes share a flat and spend a lot of time together. They rent a flat for two because it is much more easier to pay the rent this way and they spend time together because they love having fun and, after all, it is so good to have a friend who can support you and who can listen to you. They got so close to each other that it was clear they will move to the next stage one day and of course that happened. Hotties do not waste a moment on foreplays but undress each other and fill the day with rough lesbo sex games, twisted positions and unstoppable orgasms. Playful lesbian cuties finish the action in a doggy position.